Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lis Smith on Marilyn's "Bra"?

Saw an item the other day that reported Marilyn Monroe’s brassiere from “Some Like It Hot” sold for nearly $30,000, at Julian’s Auction House in Beverly Hills. I asked my old friend and MM expert Denis Ferrara about this. He said: “Her bra? If anybody has ever seen “Some Like It Hot,” you know she didn’t wear a bra. And naturally not a girdle. By the time filming ended. she was about four months pregnant and showing.” (She would miscarry shortly after.) Denis continued: “In her last three completed films, ‘Hot’, ‘Let’s Make Love’ and ‘The Misfits,’ she has clearly thrown her bra away. Lots of ‘movement’ in those movies. I wasn’t there, but if she wore a bra, it had to be made of tissue paper and string.”
And such is the stuff of film history.

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