Saturday, March 10, 2012

Peter Lawford and Liz Taylor at Disneyland

Peter Lawford and Elizabeth Taylor in
the 1948 film Julia Misbehaves.

Peter and Liz were lifelong friends. Dominick Dunne told me (for my Lawford biography), that in 1973, he, Liz, Peter, Roddy McDowall, the director George Cukor and others flew by helicopter from Los Angeles to Disneyland. Inside the park, they were able to escape crowds of people gawking at them by going inside rides like Pirates of the Caribbean. That's when it got interesting, Dunne recalled. "Elizabeth had a bottle of Jack Daniels, and Peter had something, and everybody got the bottles going. Then a bit of coke was going around and you'd hear sniffing. Everybody was just screaming with laughter. It was one of the maddest moments I ever saw in my life. And then the boat came out into the sunlight again. Everybody tried to compose themselves, and Liz waved regally to the crowds as they cheered her."

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  1. Booze and Coke and Movie Stars....Oh my! Now I know why Disneyland was dubbed The Happiest Place on Earth!