Monday, December 3, 2012


One of my favorite anecdotes in Streisand: Her Life, 2012concerns the night that two of Hollywood's biggest stars met at a party. The story is told by the director Jerry Schatzberg, with whom Barbra was discussing the possibility of his directing Up the Sandbox late in 1971.
      "We were at this party," Schatzberg recalled,  "and Mae West was there. Barbra was all excited to see her and went over to talk to her. Everyone in our group was dying of curiosity about what these two Hollywood giants of their generations would say to each other. A few minutes later, Barbra came back, laughing. She said she had asked Mae what she felt the difference was between the Hollywood of Mae's heyday and today. Mae gave her own of those  looks and in her inimitable way said, 'Well, honey, the biggest difference is, today there are no stars!'"


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